Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip | The Hero Your Devices Deserve


I like the way the Super–Anker–Man holds the shield up :rofl:

Received this over the email!

Adding the actual page as an image gif


Did you scroll down throughout the entire post? It’s really cool, looks like apples website design when scrolling through a product

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yes, very well designed site and lot of graphics :slight_smile:

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Cool, in an Avengers kinda way!

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Is this 110 and 220/240V Capable - Dual Voltage? As we travel internationally half time in US, half time abroad.

Does not say anywhere on page, support or on Amazon page.

No it’s not.

As it is a surge protector, if you travel with it it will either:

  • as foreign voltage is higher, the current is lower. The higher voltage may trigger it always so doesn’t work
  • as the current is lower, it may work but fail to protect and so not be a surge protector

So either it doesn’t work at all, or won’t protect you.

If you are traveling I’d encourage only taking devices with external PSU (*) and carry a spare PSU. The PSU can fail but you can keep going. A good example is to move to all devices to USB and so your PSU is an Anker USB charger. It has self protection mechanism but if it’s killed by a spike then a spare is small and a good investment. PSU are not as good as a surge protector as they largely are fried by a huge spike so carry a spare PSU.

  • PSU is Power Supply Unit. This takes the AC from the local electrical supply and presents DC. As this passes the AC to DC via an induction coil there is no direct physical connection and the coil gets fried so a PSU protect from surge but is destroyed in the process. USB PSU are a good investment as you often need to own more than one so a main one and a backup one while traveling is a robust system.

Does this power strip have AC line filter internal?