Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip Review Video: First Impressions + Pros & Cons!

The Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip.

This product is an absolute beast due to the number of AC outlets on this product.

Like, 12 AC OUTLETS in ONE POWERSTRIP? That’s certainly incredible.

Below, I have included some pictures of my charging setup of the powerstrip in action to charge my main devices (Macbook Pro, iPhone, Anker Powerbank)!

I put this product to the test by using it for around a week.

I used it for my daily needs to charge my Macbook Pro, iPhone XS, and Anker power bank, using it at all hours of the day.

As a Pre-Veterinary track student to become a future veterinarian, I study consistently, which entails most of my devices to be on throughout the day due to remote learning and constant studying. I used the PowerExtend for a couple of hours of studying. I will definitely be using it more when the school semester starts back up in the Fall since most of my classes are being held online.

I used the powerstrip during the Zoom meetings for online orientations, (each orientation is 4 hours long, two orientations a day). Due to this, I used the Anker PowerExtend 12 for 8 hours straight during my occupation as an orientation leader at my university.

I also used the PowerExtend while I streamed on Twitch while gaming with my friends for 4 hours straight.

When it comes to editing my YouTube videos, I usually edit for at least 3 hours straight, which also put the power strip to the test. I even used the PowerExtend 12 to edit my full review video, which literally took me 3 hours at a time for a few days to complete.

After testing the product for a full week or so, I have come to the conclusion of the following pros and cons of the product:


  1. Base Unit is ultra-light. This makes the product easier to travel with and bring along with you.

I personally travel a lot with my family on road trips, so I will definitely be bringing the PowerExtend 12 along with me on these trips.

  1. The base unit is very sleek & minimal-looking.

The product is very modern-looking and does not look nor feel as bulky as you think it does with the 12 AC Outlets included; hence, the product is very sleek for the amount of power included within it.

  1. The cord is very thick & durable.

It’s great to know that the cord is very thick and durable because it reassures me that the cord will not be as easily tugged/yanked on to damage the product’s abilities as much over time.

  1. Square-Shaped outlet plug does not get in the way of other plugged devices in wall sockets.

I love this aspect of the product because this you are able to plug in the PowerExtend 12 unit into the wall, without it being in the way of other products that were plugged into the same wall socket. It definitely helps when another product you may have plugged into the wall is slightly bulky.

  1. Square-Shaped plug with the Anker logo is a nice touch for product design.

It’s the little things. I like the Anker logo engraved into the square-shaped plug because it adds to the aesthetic of the product. :slight_smile:

  1. PowerExtend 12 base unit does not overheat when plugged in for multiple hours straight.

I appreciate that the product does not overheat. I’ve had issues with other products I own that have an overheating problem. I’m glad this is not a problem with the Anker PowerExtend 12 strip. Like mentioned, I have not turned off the product since I received it, so the product truly doesn’t emit heat at all.


  1. Cord may be thick & durable, but it is pretty heavy.

I appreciate that the cord is very durable, but it’s the only part of the product that I’d be worried about bringing it with me on family trips since it adds a bit of weight to my travel load. The cord ends up being heavier than the actual base unit.

  1. White-coating on product makes for it to get knicked/dirty easily.

As much as I love the smooth white-coating of the product, it makes the product easy to scratch and dirty. Right after I plugged in my power bank from Anker, the black-coating of the Anker power bank knicked a black mark onto the PowerExtend very easily. I will include a picture of the scratch below:

Perhaps there could be different color options other than white (i.e black, blue, etc) for the PowerExtend 12 in the future to alleviate this issue?

Despite the cons of the PowerExtend 12 strip, I still recommend this product to others. I truly believe the product is worth the current retail price for $27.99 on Amazon.

My full video review of the product is live as of now on my YouTube channel (ItzCrissy7). You may watch the full video by clicking this link: PROS & CONS of the Anker PowerExtend 12 | First Impressions + Review! - YouTube

My other social media post in regards to the PowerExtend 12 are as follows:
Instagram: ♡ ∞ Crιѕѕу ℓ. ∞ ♡ on Instagram: "12 AC OUTLETS IN ONE POWERSTRIP? 🔌😱 This is the Anker PowerExtend 12⚡️⚡️ Here are some pictures of my charging setup of the powerstrip in action to charge my main devices (Macbook Pro, iPhone, Anker Powerbank)! 🤗 I put this product to the test by using it during online orientations, when editing my videos, studying, and practically at all times of the day (I literally have not turned this product off since I received it)! 😅 My full review of the product will be live on my YouTube (ItzCrissy7) tomorrow (8/24/2020) at 2 pm EST! 💞 It is amazing to know that I can count on Anker for their amazing products & customer service! 👌🏼 I would like to thank @anker_official for letting me review and test the Anker PowerExtend 12 strip for complimentary & testing purposes! 💙 #WeLoveTesting #UseAnkerInstead ⚡️🙌🏼"

I would like to thank @AnkerOfficial for letting me review and test the Anker PowerExtend 12 strip for complimentary & testing purposes! :blue_heart:

#WeLoveTesting #UseAnkerInstead :zap::raised_hands:t3:


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