Anker PowerExtend 12 Strip Photographers dream review

If you ever need a good long extension multiple port plug, Anker has you. Got this and it’s awesome. Cord is really nice, long and has a cord wrap for travel. Took it with us on vacation this week so I could plug alllll my stuff in. Multiple camera battery chargers - usb c adapters, the wide spacing on the outside plugs is perfect for all that and the smaller plugs are great for lights or small plugs - #Supernice for us #wirehoarders


Nice review and great pics!

Very nice, always glad to see some good pics too :slight_smile:


Great review and pics @RedRocketSled16 :+1:

Nice to see another satisfied user @RedRocketSled16

Great review. I am glad you liked it.

nice review and pics!

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Short and to the point review. Looks great! I love how the plugs are far apart from each other.

It sure comes in handy when you need the extra plugs