Anker PowerExtend 12 Outlet Review - Excellent design and quality, a must have with lots of big boxy power supplies

I received this item from Anker for evaluation, but that has no bearing on this review.
With 4 large transformer type plugs, I had to use multiple taps to position them all to fit on my conventional power strip. I tried several alternatives. It was always a mess.
This Anker PowerExtend Strip has so many outlets, and the outer rim is spaced well enough to fit up to 6 transformer plugs without covering any other outlets. It fits flat, has a nice texture and the power switch is in a great location for me to access.
I have been a long time Anker fan, and I have yet to be disappointed in any Anker products. Yet another home run here.
Previous power strip (note the multiple taps to place all the transformers):

Much better with Anker!


Thank you for your review! Glad you like it :laughing:

Oh boy, that before is quite cringe…

Glad the powerextend helped out :slight_smile:

Nice terse review.


Glad the outlet helped

Nice review!