Anker PowerExpand HDMI not working on MacBook Pro

I just purchased an Anker PowerExpand 6-in-1 USB-C Ethernet Hub. When I first attached it to my MacBook, the HDMI connection worked. Since then it has quit working. All other parts of the hub work. I’m using a 16-inch MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.4. I’ve plugged power directly into the hub and cycled the computers power and the HDMI still doesn’t work.

I remember that problem has been discussed here.
Use the magnifier option to find out more about.

Thanks Chiquinho, I tried that and came up dry. I’m wondering if it’s a compatibility issue with Mac OS BigSur.

Could be, I dont know.
May be you will get answers from other Mac users with the same OS.
Otherwise you could always contact the support.