Anker PowerExpand 13-in-1 problems with Chromebook

Good Morning,

I am trying to use a brand-new PowerExpand 13-in-1 with a pair of new Samsung 24" FHD 75Hz 5ms GTG IPS LED FreeSync Gaming Monitors (LF24T350FHNXZA). The main computer I’m using is the i3 HP x360 Chromebook.

If I only have one of the two monitors plugged in, everything works properly. This is regardless of which monitor I am using, or which HDMI port I have the monitor plugged into. As soon as I plug both monitors into the Anker (both on HDMI), however, then nothing works. I even lose ethernet through the dock, though the laptop is still getting power. Strangely, after fiddling with them for an hour or so yesterday both monitors did briefly work as expected, but when I powered the laptop off, they stopped working again.

I tried plugging the Chromebook into a Dell laptop dock I have in the house (attached to different monitors), and everything worked perfectly. Unfortunately those monitors don’t support HDMI, so I can’t try those monitors on this dock.

I did plug a Macbook Pro into the Anker with both monitors attached. Both monitors worked at that point, but both were mirroring each other with no way to separate them.

Something is obviously not playing nicely here, but I’m uncertain whether I have a bad dock, or if there are sometimes issues with Samsung monitors and Anker docks.

Thanks in advance for any advice. I’m wondering whether to just replace the dock, or just the monitors, or if I should just send everything back and get monitors & dock of the same brand.

Update, the monitors work fine with the Anker dock when paired with a Dell i5 running Windows. This appears to be an issue with either the hardware or software of the Chromebook. I’d still welcome any insight the folks here can provide.