Anker PowerCore vs. PowerCore+ Lightning

A few months back, when I was reading through some reviews on Amazon of the PowerCore+ Lightning cable (cannot remember what size), I came a 3 or 4 star one that mentioned that the PowerCore+ is not MFI Certified by Apple for syncing, but only for charging. This got me curious, so I went to Anker’s website to learn more. Sure enough, all of the PowerCore+ Lightning cables are referred to as “Heavy Duty Charging Cable”, or something like that. On the other hand the regular PowerCore Lightning cables, in the product/feature description section say that they are MFI certified for both charging and syncing with your computer. I would really like to know why this is as well as if the assumption I’m making about the two cables is true. Personally, I own neither of these cables.

Finally, I would also like everyone to comment about the differences between the PowerCore and PowerCore+ cables in terms of materials, durability, etc. Thank you so much, and I’m very curious to hear the disadvantages and advantages of each! Have a great day. :slight_smile:

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Wow, I am sorry to hear that you have some confusion of the Anker’s products on the cables. Sometime they do have detail information that we all missed. But, I do trust Anker’s cables after I’ve purhcased them. They are reliable and strong, also Amazon offer return as well.

Hi. Thats a good question. Perhaps someone from Anker can answer. I’m only owning lot of PowerCore+ cables and never had an issue with syncing my iPhone.

For your second question, here’s a review I wrote on amazon about the PowerCore+ :
“One word? Quality! You feel it as soon as you unbox this strong, nice looking cable. That lenght (6ft) is perfect for my uses, but there are three other. This product is exactly what I wanted and expected. Can’t say for the connectors quality yet though, but I have some good feelings ;)”

Now, I can say the connectors are strong. The little hook on the micro usb cables I own never needed a fix like a lot of other brand cables who got loose. I love so much the material they use for the PowerCore+ that I will pobably never try the PowerCore.

Have a great day too!

I have too add : the PowerCore+ lightning cables are the reason I fall in love with Anker’s products :heart_eyes:

That is very helpful. Thanks for your input! Have a nice day.