Anker Powercore Speed 20000 - why no power brick included?

Recently received this as a review sample and whilst it’s a great product, not including the PD power brick is a massive oversight IMO. How am I meant to fairly assess a product if I’m not able to quickly recharge it as stated in the user guide.

I’ve tried several chargers with it and it’s taken over THREE days to recharge to full. I understand it has a mammoth capacity but still, not having the right charger for it is a major let down.

Anyone know how I can get hold of the right power brick for this?

Many thanks in advance!:+1:

There is 2 versions of this product, 1 with and 1 without the power brick. It comes down to cost mostly I assume that they chose to go this route. The type if charger you want is one that can supply 9v@2A which can properly charge this at its rated speed. I haven’t checked the specs but I’m sure a handful of Ankers chargers are capable of this.


Ok thanks for this, totally understand the cost savings and not being ungrateful or anything, but as it’s a review sample it would be great to have all the tools for the job.

It’s a bit like OnePlus sending you a phone with no Dash Charger, completely missing one of the key elements of the product :grin:

I’ll see if I can track one down so thanks for the info :+1:

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Hi @Dave_West,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention via the community. We’are awfully sorry to hear that it takes so long to charge your Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD battery.

As you have known from the manual that it is recommended to charge this battery with a PD wall adapter since it is Power Delivery supported. We apologize we do not have a PD power brick available yet for the EU/UK version but only have it included for the US version. Right now, our team has been working to make an EU/UK version PD plug. Unfortunately, it does not have a firm schedule yet.

Therefore, could you please try to charge the battery with a 29W Apple adapter for MacBook or 61W/87W wall adapter for MacBook Pro?

The good news is that we just have a new version of the 5 ports wall charger which supports the PD charging through its USB-C port. You can order one from our store on Amazon if necessary.

If the battery still cannot be charged up within 4-5 hours, please contact us via for further assistance.

Thanks for your support.

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As suggested above, one of the MacBook USB-C adaptors work but when going through various chargers I had access to, a 3.0A USB-C charger was able to charge it up in 4 hours.

I think it was a Huawei charger from one of their phones.

Anything below this (I’ve several 2.4A, 2.1A and 2.0A chargers) and they were all really slow.

Anything 3.0A or above (and as long as it’s USB-C) will work fine.

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t have a MacBook so therefore don’t have access to one of those charger’s, none if the plugs we have support the right voltage which is a shame. I’m a OnePlus user and to make matters worse their Dash Charger has a really odd power output which is proprietary - nightmare!

I even tried it via USB C with the 4 Port in car charger but this was just as slow as with a normal one.

As I said, I don’t want to sound ungrateful as I really enjoy participating in the program and I understand there will be regional differences across different product lines.

I’ll give the charger you mentioned a go, it’s not as if it won’t be used as there’s always something needing a recharge in our house. I often have a number of devices around as I get sent stuff to review on my YouTube channel - so the power bank will certainly be handy.

I’ll likely review it along with the in car charger I have as they’re all excellent products.

Once again, I appreciate your assistance here :+1::+1:

Oh, just checked out the wall charger - whilst I don’t doubt it’s worth the money, £32.99 is something I can’t justify right now :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll ask around, I’m bound to know someone who had the right charger! :grin:

Try the Huawei one! I did a quick search and a 3.0A USB-C charger is about £8 to buy.
At that price it’s worth a go and you’ve got a USB-C charger too then!

If this is the case, I can understand why you are reluctant in selling the power banks separately in places where the PD charger is available.

But why?
Should it really take that long to charge through a 5V 2A charger?

@nigelhealy what do you think of this?

These are baffling:

  • what is so difficult to fit a UK plug on to a USB-PD charger? It’s basically just different plastic mould.
  • why do you have to bundle a charger? I can see the argument this to ensure a repeatable quality to the powerbank, but to not sell unbundled to those who have a PD charger would lower the price to those only seeking the powerbank.
  • why does it take so long to make USB-PD chargers anyway? They were on the shelves at CES.

The generous part of us will feel these are good reasons, the UK is too small a market to prioritize a UK specific product given so few PD products exit. The bundling is make a neat proven working package to a new PD market. Anker’s customer support is as good as it is as cautious testing to only ship once proven reliable.

The less generous part just says you’re slow.


Ok so it’s now day 10 or so of having the charger and whilst its charging performance for other devices is second to none, the lack of power adapter is a major annoyance. I attempted to purchase a charger from eBay but this has not materialised as yet (I’ve sent a quick warning to the seller so I’m hoping it’s just slow postage).

Therefore yet another painstakingly slow few days of recharging now as nobody I know has a compatible wall adapter to recharge it quickly enough. My stepson has a Rav Power PowerBank with the same capacity and he can recharge that in 4 hours using his Samsung S7 charger. These proprietary charging outputs are all well and good, but why handicap the power bank by only allowing one method of recharging???

Rosa has been kind enough to postpone my review to allow more time, however, in the meantime I’m still impressed with it’s performance but slightly puzzled about the whole wall adapter issue! :grin:

Review coming shortly! :+1:

I also have an issue. I bought this without a power brick. I’m trying to use an apple 30watt usb c power brick but it won’t charge. What am I doing wrong?

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Same problem … 2 years later. Why is this product still on the market, if it is a known issue?