Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 [Upgraded] Leds always ON


My Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 [Upgraded] Leds are always ON even when I finish charging my phone and disconnect it from my Anker PowerCore, I have checked the manual and found this

I need to know if this is a normal behavior or there is something wrong with my PowerCore Speed 20000 [Upgraded]
As I have used many Power banks and this is the first time I see this behavior


Mine (10000 mah anker power bank) Leds off when finished charging. maybe its problem when leds are on when finished charging.

What happens when you double click / single click the button on the sides of Powercore Speed 20000 - does the lights go off or show the battery percentage?

If the PowerCore Speed is fully charged, the lights need to go off. Please get in touch with Anker support or go be them a call from numbers here -

To be on a safer side, try not to use the Powercore Speed for charging your devices until this gets addressed with the Anker Support.


I’m pretty sure I have my PowerCore Lite 10000 and the lights also stay on after my iPhone X is fully charged… Never thought of that. I will test tonight!!

Time to send Anker support an email

The lights always shows the battery level but the leds are always on even if i press the button on the side once or twice nothing changes at all. I tried to reset PowerCore Speed 20000 and it goes off and seems to work well but when i rechage PowerCore Speed 20000 again and start using it the same issue appears

Will suggest you do drop a note to Anker support , keep your purchase receipt details handy.

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