Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD not charging more than two led lights

Hello everyone!

I just recieved my new Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD.

I put it to charge (using Samsung S9 charger), and the led light blinking at the second light, after more than 8 hours of charging. while it should reach 4 lights to be fully charged. Still on two lights only.

Anyone has a successful experience with charging this model fully, using Samsung S9 charger? (S9 charger comes as Type C to USB A on the adapter side)


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Your S9 charger is an adaptive charger, it will not fast charge your phone and anything else will revert to slow charging. Most adaptive chargers rely on a handshake from the phone in order to ramp up the power output, and since your baterypack cannot extend that handshake the plug outputs around 5v 1a which is far to low of an output to fully charge the pack…if you left it for over 24 hours it should fully charge it though


Hi Tank,

Thanks for your input. This is exactly what happened. I kept it on charge for around 20 hours, and it charged fully in the end.

I believe Anker should warn buyers about this point. Because no one usually will have the required adapter at home.

Can you recommend a cheap adapter to buy that can do the job in 4 hours?

Thanks a lot again for your help

I would get This or This

Like your choices :+1: