Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC With Smarkey Heated Jacket Adapter Charger USB Plug Cable For M12 Hoodie

A couple of weeks back I ordered a Smarkey heated jacket adapter and two Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC portable chargers.

I have noticed that one of the Anker devices works great with with the adapter cord and Milwaukee M12 hoodie. The other one will randomly stop working, briefly.

The problem, with the way the M12 jacket, cord and Anker charger work together is I have to disconnect and reconnect the device in order to power the jacket back up.

Is/was that a common problem with the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC? I have read other comments about certain power banks not working with the adapter cord and heated jackets. If the faulty one I have is just a fluke, I will gladly return it and get another one. However, if it is a common problem with the Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC, I will look for a different power bank.

Hmm I’d get a replacement. If that doesn’t work then get your money back

A heated jacket!
There are a lot of things around I didn’t know.
I use a down jacket in winter not heated. :grinning:

But I like my hand warmers.
We were talking about such ones here.
Charging by USB keeps the hands warm ca 3hrs.
I like and need.

Ask for a replacement.

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I am almost sure someone had a similar issue several years back (you can do a search)

I would do a search, test that one powerbank out with other devices and then could ask for a replacement if it seems faulty

What may be happening is your jacket is drawing such a low current for long enough the Powercore turns off. That may be happening when the jacket senses it’s getting hot enough it stops taking power.

If that is the cause then a Powercore with Trickle Charge mode may work better. Plenty of newer models of Powercore have trickle charge mode.

I am guessing, I don’t have this jacket, I rely on layering, I vary my baselayer my mid-layer and over-layer to get optimal insulation as the conditions vary, I’d not like to rely on technology to keep myself warm.


No heating in your house? :smile:
Using a fireplace or tile stove like me.
(But this is only a kind of support for the natural gas heating system here.)
1C now in München

You probably need to check if they are compactable