Anker PowerCore Select 20000 Overcharging?

Hi guys! I’m new here in the anker community but i love anker as their powebanks have so much power despite having a long charging time. So i recently bought the 20000 fast charging powerbank and i tested it and it had around 5 charges for my phone which was great! I charged it and as it was on its last bar i fell asleep for about 7-8hrs and i saw that my powerbank was full but i then got worried because i feel like it overcharged and that could lessen its battery capacity? So my question is is this possible on this particular anker product? Or do i have nothing to worry about? Thank you all in advance!!

The battery will stop taking charge when its full so you have no worries about it overcharging. But if you are concerned about battery longevity there are a few things you can do, such as not letting go down to zero charge and also not fully charging the battery to max capacity.


Thank you so much for the answer and tips tank!! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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There are 5 causes of battery aging:

  1. time, the lithium oxidises naturally over time, if a battery has been on a shelf a long time before purchase, some of this time is already gone. All batteries die eventually, but if cared for usually 4-5 years from manufacturer
  2. over-use, lithium has typically 500 charge cycles, so if you literally emptied it and recharged it every day, about 18 months it dies
  3. inactivity, a “crust” forms using every few months helps
  4. cold.
  5. hot.

None of these you’ve worried about.


  • you want to store this battery as an emergency power supply, it’s deliberately intended to be not used, then store full (obviously) at cool room temperature. Will last 3-4 years.
  • you want to use it infrequently like for camping trips, then let it be about 2 or 3 of 4 lights 2/3rds full and store it at cool room temperature. Will last 4-5 years.
  • you want to use it regularly, then simply use it regularly and don’t worry, it will die of natural causes 2-3 years in and nothing can be done about it.

Over-charging is not an issue, it’s just if its full and kept full and never used then it will fail due to one of the above reasons. It will turn itself off to protect itself , you cannot over-charge it.


You have nothing to worry about :+1: