Anker PowerCore Metro PD 10,000 mAh 18W USB-C Wall Charger & USB-C to USB-C Cable - $29.99 - 60% Savings

Best Buy has this on sale: PowerCore Metro 10000 PD Bundle includes 10000 mAh USB-C Power Delivery portable charger, 18W USB-C wall charger and USB-C to USB-C cable. Original price is $79.99 and the savings drops it to $29.99. Picture and link are below.


Nice looking power bank. Good bundle price, almost like getting a free charger.

Thanks for the link.


I’m loving the look of those cloth covered Metros.
Great bundle discount @chrisjwaggoner

Hmm, I would like to see such a cloth cover after some time of use.
I still prefer the normal outfit. :wink:

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I guess it would show wear and tear more.
But think a lot of that is down to how its treated and stored.
I keep mine in its pouch and it remains scratch free after 9 months of use.

I use mine regularly and it is well scratched.

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NOOOOO! @professor :rofl:
I’m a little bit weird when it comes to keeping things in “as new” condition.

I try to do the same with stuff, but once the first scratch happens its fair game then lol.


Ill go with that @chrisjwaggoner
Its mint until its not, then in my eyes it may as well not exist.

I’ve had one Powercore died of old age, it swelled after 5 years old, I had one drowned and died, I’ve dropped a fair few times but they just dented and worked.

I can understand the need for care to keep in soft bag the larger items as if they fall more likely to break, but the most expensive Powercore I bought I think was about £23 and are to kept with me so they are useful and to be used.

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Nice combo for a great price :+1:

When I was young I tried to keep my watches without any scratches.
Now I am old with a lot of scratches I dont care so much, even on my watches.

(By the way many old watches got plastic bezels ans crystals,
where scratches can be buffed out easily)

Not on my face…! :rofl:

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great saving! :clap:

I’m sure your face doesn’t have any imperfections that need buffing out Franz :+1:t2:

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You definitely get your money’s worth with this deal :clap: