Anker PowerCore Metro Essential 20000

I have a PowerCore Metro Essential 20000 and it will not charge. I’ve had it plugged in for a few days and it just blinks on the first light. It doesn’t make any progress in charging. I thought maybe it was a LED error so i tried plugging in my phone to see if it would charge and it only charge my phone for about 10% and it died. Anyone know what to do ? (It was a gift by the way)

(It’s been plugged in since Wednesday night. 1/1/2020)


Hey @tfsvectr
You can try resetting the PowerCore by looping the input and output then charging as normal.
If all else fails, if the items under warranty contact the company your purchased from or
Let me know how it goes.

Hey can you go a little more into depth as to what you mean by “looping” the input and output ? Sorry about that .

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Use the charge lead to link the charging input (Micro usb) to the output (usb)

Alright will do. I will do that and put it to charge and i’ll let you know what happens by tomorrow. Thanks for the help.

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That seemed to work. The power bank is now flashing past the first light. It is charging successfully. I appreciate the help I will come back here if I have any more issues.

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Great news.
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Gotcha man

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Thanks @tfsvectr
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I have the same problem with the one I purchased today. I assume Looping input to output requires a USB-A to USB-C cable? I do not have one of those.