Anker PowerCore Jump Starter mini, 400A Peak 12V 9000mAh

how much time it take to charge ?
For me it charge full in 3 hours is it wright ?
but when i use Jumper to start cat it is not working

It looks to have 4 dots and if it is all on then I would guess it is charged. I am unsure of why it would not jump car. Even at 3 hours it should be enough as a full charge gets 15 jump. Make sure your connection is plugged in securely.

It says that it should Jumpstart up to 2.8l engine.

Does the battery have acid on it? If yes, I say clean it. Also, I would say check your battery. I had one that it got too bad and did not start til it got warmer.

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to jump start your car with that device not your cat.



I have the same model and mine takes the same amount of time to fully charge.

One or two times when I was charging can’t remember it’s been a while, the blinking light never stopped after charging overnight but I did some battery maintenance by discharging using the light or USB ports to charge my phone and then recharging the jumper a few times since it rarely gets used and sits in my trunk. After I took these steps the jumper has charged normally and stop charging after 2 or 3 hours. Set a reminder on your phone to bring it inside and do this battery maintenance every three or four months and it should have a long life.

The other issue I’ve discovered with this device is that sometimes it needs to be reset by plugging it into one of the chargers for 10 seconds or so. That being said I do not recall ever shorting out the jumper cables but it needed to be reset regardless. I have found that even though your car battery is dead you can still use the car charger in the car with the nearly dead battery to reset the jumper.