Anker powercore II

I have been having a problem with my Anker powercore II. The problem is that it’s says it’s still fully charge it after I charge it with my phone. It says its still fully charged with all 8 leds, but then when I don’t use it for an hour or so it will drop two leds. I think the problem is in the leds and they are delayed for some reason. This isn’t a big problem for me but I just wanted the community to know, does anyone have any solutions?

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From what I understand, you’re saying that your PowerCore II remains turned on even after your phones fully charged, is it? If yes, then I have the same problem - the PowerCore II doesn’t realize that it’s fully charged my HTC 10. Sorry if I didn’t get you there.

For me my battery bank does shut off when left alone but when I got to check it again after just leaving it somewhere there are less leds my guess is that there is a problem or a glitch in the indicator chip inside it. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Some phones do not report or send a signal signifying it’s fully charged. Not a fault of the product itself.

As for the op, which powercore do you have and are using? More details please. Also send an email to with your order number/serial number and any steps you have taken and they will be better able to assist you

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Hi @comcast.net5,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention via the community. And @elmo41683 thank you for your reply to clarify the LED indicator not turn off issue which is really helpful and correct.

We are very sorry for the issue happened on your Anker PowerCore II. Please be advised that if your phone only draws a little power from the battery PowerCore II for charging, the LED indicator on the battery may still remain all on when you press the button to check the remaining power. However, it will be abnormal if the LED indicator’s status changes from original 8 to 2 without any uses. If the battery is not used, the LED indicator’s status should not drop.

Would you please contact us via email to with the problem details and your order number? We will be glad to assist you further according to our 18-month warranty policy.

Thanks. Have a nice day!