Anker PowerCore II 20000 vs PowerCore Speed 20000 [Upgraded]

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I want to buy Power Bank , Between A1260(PowerCore II 20000) Power IQ 2 and A1278(PowerCore Speed 20000 [Upgraded]) QC 3.0 , which one is better ? my uses is Surface 3 , Ipad Air 1 , Xiaomi Mi 8 SE ( Fast Charge ) , iPhone 7 .
Does Power IQ 2 Support QC 3.0 ? the Prices isnt important . i want to select best model .

i read it that 1260 has PowerIQ 2 and Support QC 2.0 and isnt QC 3.0 , but i want to get exact information from yours .

Thank you for helping me .

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OH ok as none have you helped you for 17 hours I will do a flawed attempt.

The challenge you have is the diversity of your devices, these items "surface 3 , Ipad Air 1 , Xiaomi Mi 8 SE ( Fast Charge ) , iPhone 7 . " they share little in common from a charging perspective.

It is possible anything you buy will work with some of them but not all of them.

Can you narrow this down to what to where you need the most power? Most people when asked that question would prefer their phones to keep working more importantly than their tablets.

All Anker Powercore will do a common of 5V 2A 10W.

IF you can help us understand your priorities, we can help you with guidance.


Hi @AmirHossein_HosseinP

Thanks for contacting us and letting us know your concern.

First, we would like to thank you for your interest in Anker products. In this case, please be noted that Anker Power IQ 2.0 technology is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. So basically both units you listed will be performing the same in charging other devices.

Per our internal test, either model is definitely compatible with iPad Air and iPhone 7 (using your own lightning cable instead). Though we haven’t tested, if the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE supports QC 3.0, both model will have one of their output port could fast charge the phone. However, we haven’t got a chance to test out with the Surface 3. May I know if it charges through micro USB port? If so, theoretically they will work as well.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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They are pretty much the same!


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Thanks for all this information, really helpful to know the details on Power Banks :thumbsup:

I have the same question.
These are the only two Powerbanks that are dimension-compatible with the old PowerCore A1271, AND fast to load (~ 5h instead of ~ 10h)?
Height and width and position of the USB-A jacks.
This device must fit:

Are there any other A1271-dimension compatible fast-loading power banks? Small power banks (10000, 13000 …)?

What are the differences between A1260 and A1278?
The question was not answered.

A1278 has 12V / 1.5A input.
But is 12V / 1.5A faster than 9V / 2A? Both are 18W.