Anker PowerCore II 20000 - An absolute monster of a battery

Anker, yet again receives my perfect nod. This PowerCore II charger is phenomenal. The 20000 mAh battery is fast, charges my Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPads, PowerBeats and anything else I can plug into it, a couple times (on seperate charges). The charger has two Micro-USB chargers to charge it up twice as fast.

Large battery capacity (20000mAh or around 7 iPhone full charges.)
Three USB ports (All IQ ports with 6 Amp total output)
Two charging ports
Great price
Comes with a mesh pouch to hold the battery and charging cable.

Cons (sort of):
The design is a bit clunky compared to their other battery packs. This is minor but worth noting.

I can’t wait for the PowerCore II 10000!!

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