Anker Powercore Essential 20000PD

I have just bought the Anker Powercore Essential 20000PD, but realized their PD inputs options are 5V 3A, 9V 2A or 15V 1.2A.
Is it fine for me to use a 5V 4A charger for extended period without damaging the powerbank (ie will it limit it to 5V 3A?) Also am I right in assuming it’ll take about 8-10 hours for a full charge (noting Anker says it’ll take 4 hours for a full charge with a 30W charger for the Powercore Speed 20000)?

Appreciate any help on this!


Dear Mun,

Anker Powercore Essential 20000 PD works with Power Deliver wall chargers, like Apple 18W/61W/87W USB-C wall charger or Nintendo Switch wall charger. PD chargers don’t support 5V/4A. It looks like a Huawei wall charger. A 5V/4A wall charger won’t do any harm to the PowerCore, but it could take extremely long to charge the PowerCore, or even not charge at all since they are not compatible.

Powercore Essential 20000 PD can be fully charged in 6.5 hours via an 18W ( or above) PD wall charger. While the input of PowerCore Speed 20000 PD accepts an input up to 30W, so it only takes 4 hours for a full charge with a 30W PD charger.

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Sometimes @AnkerSupport cracks me up.

You can use the 5v 4a Charger as much as you need to. The powerbank will only to the input it needs. It won’t damage the powerbank.

Thank you! @AnkerSupport Very helpful!