Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Deals! (Price Drop - This is not the PD version)

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Deals!

Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology and USB-C (Input Only), High-Capacity External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, iPad, and More.

Black Variation : $36.52

White Variation : $39.09


Thanks for sharing! :smirk:

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This is nice deal, but one with USB-C output would be great :innocent:

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Great share as usual @Shenoy :+1:t2:


The product name very similar, hope none get this thinking it’s the PD version.

For Powercore there’s not the same need for higher Wattage out, but these larger Powercore do benefit from faster recharge of itself, this takes 10.5h Vs the PD version takes 6.8h to recharge itself.


thanks, updated the title with the same!

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Nice deal! Thanks for sharing!


The PD version is lower cost

So I’m so sure why anyone would buy this today. It takes 3 hours longer to recharge itself.