Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD - first charging, leds don't stay on

Hi, new to Anker. As device only supplied part charged, plugged into charge via android charger (as don’t yet have fast charger). Righthand led lit up solid with one next to it blinking; however, sfter a few seconds both went black. Help, please? Assume this is wrong, as description said that as charging proceeds, gradually each led would glow solidly as each quarter-charge is achieved, with the led for the uncompleted quarter-charge blinking, rill all four leds glowed solid once the charger was fully charged (then after an interval all 4 would go out). As mine is currently operating, with leds going dark right after charging starts, I can’t tell whether or not it is charging correctly.

It should have one or more solid lights and one flashing light while charging.
If you sit and watch it then briefly all lights solid then all lights off. If you left it charging and it charged while you not looking, then you’d likely see all lights off.

The most common cause of fault is a bad cable. Next, you must use a Power Delivery or IQ3 18W minimum charger.

If it’s not as above, and you tried different cable and a charger 18W PD, then it’s broken and then contact with serial number, proof of purchase, description of fault and what you’ve attempted.

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Actually, re-reading previous advice also helped me to the same solution you suggested!
Thought surely I couldn’t have TWO duff charger cables…turned out I was wrong!
Both worked to charge my phone; but didn’t to operate the Anker (no lights stayed on); however, when I tried a third lead, from another device I just bought - voila! Lights on, charged like a dream!
Thank you and other contributors for your help!

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Some cables work, others do not. :smiley:
do not forget to clean the plugs and the sockets.
(Q-tip and Alcohol)

Good you solved. Yes a cable can work at lower power but fail at higher power.

The reason is heat is to the square of current and resistance is linear on temperature. So a phone taking 5V 1A will lose a little energy but 9V 2A PD will cause much more heat in the cable, the voltage drops noticeably and so then it’s not 9V any longer and so charging fails.

Rare to have 2 bad cables. About 8% of cheap cables bad, so two bad cables is 0.4% probability. So you must have used cables from similar / old source.

For those reading this later, it is useful to invest in a USB meter and measure the voltage drop of a cable so you can eliminate cable faults. Every few months it is useful to test all your cables and discard those losing more than 0.4V as they are pre-failure. Anker makes good cables, the other cables you often get bundled are more commonly the fault. I’ve found Anker cables 5% fail, but higher % from the no-brand cables. Longer cables fail faster.