Anker PowerCore Disposal

Hi there! What do you guys do when your PowerCore dies? Do you simply toss it in the trash bin? Do you have a recommended recycling option?

My Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 died yesterday after 3 years of loyal service. : ( I will miss it dearly. Any tips on what to do with its remains would be appreciated! Thanks!

Good question one of my powercore is starting to show signs

I would open it and check the batteries.
If not repairable you should separate the batteries from the rest and do waste sorting this way.

It could be the batteries inside, but I wouldn’t recommend messing with it unless you know what your doing.
Personally I would recycle it. Do not through it in the trash. Batteries are bad for the environment and need to be disposed of properly if you can.

Many big box tech stores have have a tech recycle bin. Take it there and let them deal with it.

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I normally recycle via the IT waste bin at work (for batteries electronics etc)

Perhaps take it to your local waste disposal centre the next time you go, they will have a section for electronics to make sure it is recycled as much as can be.

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That’s not a very good idea

  1. A person could puncture the battery causing a fire
  2. its unlikely a user would have the ability to ‘fix’ it without knowing quite a bit about the board layout, and having various tools to diagnose and extra parts to fix it, which means you probably need a donor for that

Not sure if you’re in the states, but BestBuy takes batteries for recycling

Your local city may have battery disposal, but you’d have to refer to them as to if you can and where you should recycle batteries

True, i just edited my previous comment

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to try opening it up to see if the battery’s shot. : / They’re flashing in a weird pattern and stuff doesn’t charge when I plug it in (with any charging cable) so unless there’s some quick fix, I think this one is toast. : ( Thanks for the suggestion on Best Buy! Usually I drop these sorts of things off at the e-Waste collection point at work but I’m not going into work these days …