Anker PowerCore Deals

Always running low on battery? :mobile_phone_off: Looking for some deals? :+1:
Well I’ve found some deals for the Anker PowerCore series to make sure you have more screen time than charging time. :yum:
Anker PowerCore 20100

Was £32.99 now £23.99
Apply the £4 voucher on screen of the PowerCore 20100 then add the code 99ID3BMN at checkout to take the price down to £23.99

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

Was £29.99 now £23.99
Apply £6 voucher on screen of the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD to the take the price down to £23.99

Anker PowerCore 15000 Redux Compact

Was £29.99 now £25.99
Apply £4 voucher on screen of the PowerCore 15000 Redux Compact to take down the price to £25.99


Good share.
I’m tempted with the 10000 PD Slim.

You also could get the Anker PowerCore 20100 which has double the battery capacity for the same price :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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£29 against £24! :face_with_monocle:

Plus the fact it’s slim and USBC in and out appeals to me.
Charging these blocks by USB takes ages.

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They are both same price when the deals are added

PowerCore 20100

PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

I agree the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD does look more appealing and compact. :yum:

20100 is £32.99 - £4 = £28.99?
Or am I missing a trick? - it has been one of those days :weary:

£4 voucher + coupon code (99ID3BMN) = £23.99

Ah, I see.
Missed the voucher code :grimacing:
The extra power would be nice but I’ve gone with the Slim PD.
The fast charge/recharge is more of a benefit than the extra capacity - I don’t use these much to be fair.
So there you go @AnkerOfficial here living proof these deal shares work.
I should have the new Powerbank delivered tomorrow :+1:t2:

Great deals! Thanks for sharing

Nice deals! Thanks for sharing!

Anker sure does make some good powerbanks. Thanks for sharing!

Great deals, thanks!

I find the bigger Powercore are less value as you tend to not have them with you when you need them. The 20100 may cost the same but its in the drawer at home when the 10000 is in your bag.

Recharge time matters more on the smaller ones so you can turn them around, use during the day and recharge quick and use the next day.

My Slim 5000 died today, from use, been with me over thousands of miles of travels . My 26800 is still there, barely used, it doesn’t leave the house as its huge. My Slim 5000 cost me $24 3 years ago and died of use. My 26800 cost me $30 also about 3 years and is dying from non-use.

Arrived today.
Good shout @Thanuj_Fernando :+1:t2:
May do a review in a few days and list chart times etc.

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