Anker PowerCore Charging issue

I have an Anker PowerCore 10400 and I’ve only used it less than a dozen times, it was working fine before and now it doesnt seem to work anymore. The battery is at full and I know that because when I press on the power button it shows 4 led lights. However I’ve tried this with every cable I have and when I try to charge my phone with the device, it seems to have this weird sequence of flashing lights, where the led lights up in increasing order and when it reaches the top it disappears and nothing happens. Someone please help me.

Sorry you’re having trouble with your PowerCore, @Spencer_Lee. Please contact with the serial number of your device (usually located on the bottom or the side) and your order number. They’ll be happy to assist you with a replacement if needed. Thanks!


Hi @Spencer_Lee,

Happy New Year! Thank you for letting us know the problem via the community and thanks a lot for the reply from @TechnicallyWell.

From what you’ve described, we assume the battery is abnormal. Could you please email us via with your order information and problem details? We will arrange our warranty claim for you based on the 18-month warranty policy.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your support.

My best wishes to you in 2018!

Did you figure out the issue by any chance? I recently have a similar issue with the same flashing light sequence.