Anker powercore 26800pd

My anker powercore 26800pd stoped working after 3 month only 2 time used, over heated itself all the time neither charging nor charging phones im frm india i purchased frm usa seller bhp&photo video new york i call to anker no warranty Available in india im big fan of anker product im very disppointed but i trust anker product best in the world.
If anybody want dead anker powercore 26800pd tell me
I will send it free of cost
If not i will throw it garbage
Thanks anker

Since it is only 3 months old, try to see if you have a family or friend visiting US, contact Anker Support ahead of time, and check if you can get a replacement.

So Anker Support mentioned no support for India, how about US? What was the response from them for replacing or possible RMA the product in US?


Thanks for your response and sorry for the late reply due to the weekend.

I regret to hear the troubleshooting did not work to fix the issue. As a customer service representative, I wish I could help you with an exchange for it. Unfortunately, your product was not ordered from Anker but another reseller in India which makes me not possible to process a warranty claim.

Know that we register all defects and evaluate them statistically. These statistics enable us to identify increased defect rates or concentrated product issues, so thank you for letting us know about this.

We sincerely apologize for these circumstances and wish you all the best in the future.

Best Regards,

AnkerDirect Customer Support

you mentioned you ordered it from BHP@Photo video New York

was this a US retailer / online store OR did you buy it in India?

Why is Anker Support saying reseller in India?

Looks like this was ordered from US, was this mentioned to Anker Support (shared this purchase receipt to them), not sure why they would say this was ordered by reseller in India.

However Anker Warranty may vary with each retailer, we have heard about such issues with AliExpress, they have their own warranty options. What is B&H saying about the warranty?

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Yes dear import frm new york usa

Bhphoto video said contact to anker
Warranty only avaible in usa
He cant help

@AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial can you please help clarify the warranty options for products which are ordered from US to non-US countries, and via different retailers.

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I’d be happy to give the power bank a good home. I always save dead products for future DIY projects. I hate seeing good electronics being tossed out.

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In india also import anker product frm usa
He said no waranty frm imported

Haha sure i do

sad to see it died. With the current options, looks like if the dead device is sent back to US (somehow… not sure if this is viable solution) this product may be replaced / repaired per whatever warranty B&H have in place, through your friend / family. Not seeing any other options.

Have you checked with B&H what happens if you ship it back to B&H and they send you the replacement? Did you use Paypal? if yes - they cover the shipping charges for returns / replacements.(again paypal has ton of conditions)

you have a lot of patience, thanks for that!

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Thanks u all
Have a nice time

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