Anker Powercore+ 26800 Portable Charger

Recently I was selected as a winner during Anker community 2nd birthday event. I chose 3 items as the prize and one of them was Anker Powercore+ 26800 Charger. This product has been reviewed multiple times here and on other forums. I’d keep my review brief and will provide my takes on this.

Packaging: It comes in a typical blue/white Anker box. There is the actual charger, a mesh case and a microusb cable.
The charge level indicator button has 10 leds on it and is very very helpful to determine precise charge level. Please note that this is very heavy and is the largest capacity portable charger that can be carried on a plane (TSA limit is 100 Wh).

This one has a usb port capable of Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0. It also has a fast recharge capability (more on that coming).
I want to reiterate about the capacity. It says 26800 mAh but it will mean little (it means 3.6 V nominal voltage of a single 18600 liion cell x 8 cells = total capacity of 26800 mAh) each cell is 3350 mAh x 8 = 26800 mAh. The issue is that most of the devices that this is charging is using 5 V or higher so that 26800 mAh is not a correct parameter to grasp the energy this is storing. Watt hour (Wh) is the correct parameter. This has a capacity of 96.48 Wh.
Each 18600 liion cell is 3.6 V x 3.35 Ah = 12.06 Wh capacity. It has 8 of them so 12.06 Wh x 8 = 96.48 Wh total capacity.
When we charge a device (example iPhone XS = 10.13 Wh) it will provide 96.48 Wh/ device battery capacity = number of charges (assuming 100% efficiency). Typical efficiency is 85-95% so we can assume that iPhone XS can be charged about 7-8 times.
Charger came with 30% charge and I used a Qualcomm 2.0 fast charger to charge it. It was accepting 15-17 Watt power throughout the charging time. It only dropped when the charger was over 90% capacity. To fully charge the charger it will take around 6 hours with a fast charger.

I took this for a recent NewYork city visit and used it for 4 days. I could charge my iPhone SE 4 times and this still has over 70% capacity left. I can easily survive 7-10 days just on this charger. Overall I’m absolutely pleased with the product. Great job Anker :thumbsup:


Good review @kumar.sachin thanks for sharing & congrats again on the win :thumbsup:

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Great review and nice pics.

That Powerbank is a beast :muscle:t2:

Thanks for your review, and breakdown of the voltage and batteries and such. Very informative

I also won a PowerCore 26800 with Dual Input. This battery pack is a tank - always ready to go.

Nice review. I don’t have an anker powerbank yet, but I have borrowed several friends. I love them. They charge fast and can charge my phone many times.

Dang that’s such a nice power bank!!! Great review!

Wow, very nice review.

Great job with the review and thank you for the pics. Enjoy your power bank. :slight_smile:

Great review, thanks for sharing!

Great review and photos!!!