Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD vs. 20000 PD with 30W, can i charge them in my car?

i want to get either of these two anker but my main requirement is to charge them in my car since they seem the fastest power bank to recharge currently available, it claims they can be charged within 4-4.5 hours depending on the model using the provided 30w charger, my question here can i use this fast car charge to achieve the same charge times while driving my car ?..


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if you have a car charger with PD then why not. It should charge just fine.
PowerDrive II PD should be good


is this charger even rated at 30w ?.. what if i use a different 30w charger will i achieve that speed ? am trying to learn here as am new into this area :slight_smile:

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Yes this can do 30 Watt (20V at 1.5A) or (15V at 2A) Iā€™m talking about PowerDrive II PD

Neither of those power banks would charge very well on the device you posted the link to. That charger is QC, while you need a proper PD output device. If you placed the 2 Anker banks on that charger, it should default to 5V3A (roughly 15W). PD can accommodate a QC device in most instances, but QC cannot accommodate PD in most cases because the proprietary chip set may not be there.

I own that bad boy and it works amazingly. And it think it will work fine to charge the portable batteries the OP was asking about

just wondering, is the:

the same as the model i quoted but with less capacity ?.. will it work with the fast 30w PD Charger ??..

how fast does ti charge ?..

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The one you just listed is standard USB c and not power delivery so it will not output as fast of a charge to your devices.

It still will not charge more than 15W if the power banks are not QC compatible (which I do not see in the users manual). This would result in a charge far below potential, making everything slower. IQ, QC 1/2/3/4 and PD are all different; If you use a PD only device on a QC port you are essentially turning it into an IQ port (5V max and up to the max rated current for that voltage). Charge standards really do matter when considering a proper accessory bundle in order to ensure maximum potential.

do these even sell without the power adapter ?.. am looking to save some $$$ as i will got the described car charger as most of my charging will be i the car and i can latter on get the home charger or just use a normal home fast charger if really needed !..

does iq mean it charges faster or pd?

PD charges faster (PD supports up to 100 Watt)

what does iq mean then

check this out. IQ is Anker thing :wink:

oh ok i understand now. thanks