Anker powercore 26800 Led indicators?

Hey, I got my anker powerbank in the mail yesterday (a version that came without the power brick)
I pressed the button and 3 led lit up.
I plugged it into my samsung s10 charger, with the micro USB cable that came with the anker. 2 leds lit up and then the rest started lighting up one by one, until all 10 are lit up, then all but the first two went out, and then it repeats itself like that. I’ve had it charging for 18 hours now and it’s still going like that, and if I unplug it and press the button, 3 LEDs light up again. I’ve tried resetting the LEDs that I saw in another thread by connecting it to itself with the USB cable, and I’ve tried a different cable for 4~ hours as well, but it’s still doing the exact same thing.
Is something wrong with the LED indicators?

The issue is that the charger you are using is an adaptive fast charger, which means that it only ramps up to fast charge your phone as your phone request it. The battery pack doesn’t have the capability to tell the charger to charge at a fast rate so it reverts to the lowest power output. And it will take significantly longer to charge the pack.

Now which specific model battery pack do you have? There are a handful of different ones and variations so we need to know which one you have so we can recommend the proper charger to get and use

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Oh, I see. Today I learned :smile:

I have this one (sorry for swedish link) - does that help?

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Is it feasible that 18 hours still wouldn’t get it charged enough to light up a fourth LED though? Even with the slower charge?

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You need a charger that outputs 5V 2.5a at a minimum. Any adaptive fast charger will revert to slow charging, but will charge over 24 hours or so.

Thank you. Guess I will give it another day or so, if it turns out it’ll eventually get fully charged I’ll get one of ankers chargers as well.

Seems like it’s not an issue with a slow charger, seems like it’s not charging what so ever. Let it charge for 30~ hours and it was still doing the exact same thing, " 2 leds lit up and then the rest started lighting up one by one, until all 10 are lit up, then all but the first two went out, and then it repeats itself like that."
Decided to try and charge my phones and see what would happen. It gave my s8 one charge of 100% and my s10 one charge of 40~% before the battery died.
Anyone else who have experienced something similiar?

Please try and use a different cable to charge the battery pack. If all else fails

Thank you. That was odd, I tried 2 different Samsung chargers, the included micro USB cable as well as a second one I had from before, although I only tried the second cable in the first Samsung charger (one I got with my s10), it wasn’t until I tried the second cable with my old Samsung charger (that I got with an s8) that it began charging (and I tried all other configurations for at least 5 hours) and both cords and both chargers are working when I charge other units :smile:

Do you know if these two are able to charge the powerbank equally fast? What I can see the difference is 2 USB ports instead of 1 USB c, and I’d rather have 2 USB if that is the only difference? (most if not all of my charging cables are normal USB) for the help!

i have the 26800+ version and it charges fine with a LG fast charger

Lg fast chargers use Qualcomm quick charge specs so it actually reverts to 5v 1.8a at it’s lowest power output so it will still charge this power bank relatively quick. Where as Samsung adaptive chargers can go as low as 1a charging speeds

I also purchased the Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh External Battery. What is the best charger for me to charge my battery bank from the wall? Also the USB cord that came with the Powercore does not fit the charging plug for my iPhone X. What is the deal?

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You can use any wall charger that outputs at least 5v 2.5a, as for the cord not fitting your iPhone…I don’t know if your joking or being serious but your iPhone uses a lightning connector and none of Ankers battery packs come with a lightning cable

Thanks for the info. Does Anker sell a wall charger like you recommend? Keep in mind this is to charge the power bank battery