Anker powercore + 26800 destroys the battery of the phones

Anker powercore + 26800 destroys cell phone battery after Samsung Galaxy S8 + first charging has remained traumatized how quickly the phone battery can now be downloaded. In conclusion, do not buy these batteries if you want to keep your phones running smoothly.


traumatized??? Really???

The battery supplies a current the same as plugging it into a wall charger and does nothing else.

If your phone is not preforming correctly or you think the battery is defective I suggest you contact your retailer or Samsung and arrange for them to take a look at it or repair it.


I bought one of these a month ago and have had no issues from charging iPhones/iPads/Samsung phones/PS4 controller and headset/Vapes and prob a couple of other devices (review coming soon). I can say that I have not seen any detrimental or even slightly negative effect on any of these products. It comes with PowerIQ so it will be able to identify the best voltage output for each device detected so could be better than some standard wall chargers in that sense.

I’m unsure of what you mean by traumatised though, does it need to go see a shrink? Lol
All jokes aside if your battery is no longer working as effectively as it was before I would suggest that the issue could be with your phone, as @Oggyboy already advised you may wish to contact them to have a look at it.


A 1hr old account and they are already traumatized :confused: not certain what they will be like after a few months :laughing:

Perhaps it’s my lack of coffee this morning but I’ve never known a battery or phone to download charge…like @Oggyboy has stated, batteries supply a charge of which the current can only be drawn at the maximum the end device supports, no different than using the wall charger…


LMAO! Really.

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maybe it’s your smartphone’s fault!
The powerbank charge at speed that the smartphone supports and can’t do more.

Your phone actually has many protections internally to protect from damage during charging. So even in the rare occurrence that a power bank is outputting too much / too little power, your phone can typically handle it. For example, most Apple devices will stop charging completely until reconnected if the power output is too low (as many people experience with a solar charger on a partly cloudy day).

Some additional information:


This is wierd complaint.

I’d like to know how did you downloaded the battery :slight_smile:


I love downloading my battery


this is such an interesting thread…

OP, can you show us if your particular PowerCore+ is defective? You can do this by simply using a pass-through to show the output current while it is connected to your phone. You should be able to find one cheaply on Amazon or at your local computer parts store.

If the powerbank is defective, and you can verify that it is the powerbank and not your phone via the pass-through, then I’m sure Anker will take good care of you in rectifying the issue if your powerbank is still under warranty.

That being said, popping in here and slinging language like, it “destroyed my battery” or it’s “traumatized,” is unproductive if you’re actually looking for help. If you’re looking to tell people, “do not buy these batteries if you want to keep your phones running smoothly,” you’re in the wrong place because this is a community full of people who have already bought these batteries among other things. Lol.

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New accounts have little to no credibility, and posts like this with no real information attached carry no weight.

If you want anything you say to be taken even remotely serious you should really try to add at least a little information about the problem you are presenting.


I agree here, and also to the op…if your going to come here and demand people stay away from a product, at least present your case with proof a proper structure



@liviuhandrea Try deleting any recently installed apps or backup phone then do a factory reset. Your battery drain problems are most likely due to power hungry apps or faulty internal phone battery. Can you also be a little more specific why you think the powercore degraded your battery? I can understand your frustrations. There is nothing wrong with being under-informed but you will catch a lot more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Despite your negative attitude the people in this forum will be more than happy to assist you with your problem. Play nice home slice.


I’m sorry to hear your problem. But if your cell phone really have problems due to our power banks, we will be responsible for the end.:innocent:

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Maybe something is wrong with your phone. There are always problems with those Galaxy phones.

I have never had issues with any galaxy phone I have owned, with the exception of the one I’m using now because the battery is so old

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