Anker powercore 26800 and small ecig vape

Hello hopefully I’m posting in the right place. I’m wanting to buy this anker product but need to ensure it will power my vape

My vape instructions say max current input can reach 1a and 5 v is the recommended charging voltage.

This one doesn’t support trickle will this be an issue il confused by the 50ma is mentions in the product spec


The most probable outcome is your device will get 80% full and then stop charging.

You can get around it by ignoring that, or keep pressing the power button every few minutes til device 100%, or plug in something else in addition (phone, etc) in the other port to keep power going.

If any of that sound annoying, you can buy other Powercore with a trickle charge mode.

Thanks I might just buy the small one to be safe then. I was worried it might blow up my vape and ill be camping. I’ve read about it and 99percent say it’s fine but theres always 1 right that says it’s set on fire and I’m a worrier so…

Thanks again

I’ve still bought this one as will be perfect for our phones anyway

There’s no specific reason why any specific Powercore would cause more or less damage to your vape device.

If you want to reduce chance of vape device exploding, ironically, you’d be better NOT fully charging it as most of the risk is when the cells are full. So the 26800 without trickle charge mode would be safer if you didn’t have anything other the vape device plugged in as then as the vape device approaches full and lowers its input, then the Powercore would stop output and turn itself off.

You’d just need to recharge the vape device more often, but total time spent charging would be less as that 80%-100% recharge time is often half the total time.