Anker PowerCore 20100mAh Stopped Working

I purchased one of these back in 2016 and, of course, the warranty just expired.

It has stopped working. It appears to be charged up with all 4 blue lights on but it doesn’t matter what I plug into it, nothing charges. I’ve tried my phone, ipad and other devices with various cables to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas on a solution if any?

Apologies if this has been answered already. I searched the forums with no luck. Thanks!

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Sorry for your troubles, give this a try and report back…

Take a micro USB cable,plug one end Into the battery pack and take the other end and plug it into the charging port of the battery pack. Your creating a loop, wha this does is resets the battery pack and hopefully will restore your charging. Once that’s done give it a go trying to charge something. If possible get a new cable to see if any of yours are bad, and try it with that cable


I will give this a try when I am back at home to do so. I’ll report in later. Thank you!


Sadly, that did not work. Any other suggestions? I’d get a new one but they jumped from $20 to over $40. :frowning:

I would contact Anker support even though the warranty expired. If it is close enough, they may waive it. Will they? Probably not. It’s worth a try though. Don’t lie to the support person and explain exactly what is happening. Be nice and it may work out your way.


I’m actually having the opposite problem! Mine is having trouble charging, but when I can jimmy the cord to get it charged enough to use it can still charge my phone and tablet. I think it’s a problem with the port itself and unfortunately it’s also just over the warranty period. :disappointed:

Let me know if they still offer to fix or replace yours as I might try contacting Anker support but I’m doubtful since the warranty has expired, good luck!

@Cat_Story for your situation it sounds like you need a new cord. Try to get one and give that s try

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Aside from buying another one, try to contribute more to the forum and snag one on the powerdraw. Best of wishes bud.

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I contacted support around the same time I posted here but have yet to hear anything. I may just have to splurge for another one. I just fear it will only last about 19 months. lol

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Anker was awesome with a replacement powercore for a broken USB charging port however the product was in warranty. Give customer serice a try - you will never know till you try.


Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, I have tried a bunch of different cables (including a brand new anker one) and wall chargers to make sure they weren’t the problem. The new one had slightly better luck at getting it to charge for a few seconds, but not much.

Even if Anker doesn’t replace it, I’ve gotten more than my use out of it, so I’m not at all upset with its performance. It was used pretty much every other day when I worked outside last summer, so I’m happy it has lasted this long!

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