Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Edition are not good powerbanks

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First of all sorry for my English.

Several months ago, I bought one Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition, but after like few weeks of using, it suddenly stops charging my switch and my phone, and it won’t received charge also from Nintendo Switch charger or Anker PowerPort Wall charger. Few days ago, I purchase again the same unit and still has the same problem.

I already tried to use another cable from anker too, but it doesn’t work at all. I already tried to reset the PB by looping the cable from Type-A to Type-C, still doesn’t work.

I always use the Nintendo Switch Charger, Anker PowerPort PD+2 with Anker Type-C to C cable, and Google Pixel 2xl chargers. I never used any generic chargers or cables on those two powerbanks.

The first PB were totally at 0% battery level because when pressing the button, only one LED is blinking so I can’t test if the Type-A port is working.

The second PB has atleast 75% or 3 LED light so I can still use the Type-A port and it works, except the Type-C port has problem already and it won’t receive charge also from Nintendo Switch charger and the other two chargers.

I tried to overnight charging these two Power banks using those three chargers every other day but still it doesn’t receive charge at all.

I tried to borrow cables and chargers from my workmates and friends (to make sure mines aren’t faulty) but got no luck. My chargers are working properly as I always use on my phone and other Type C devices.

I try to charge the first PB by using the second PB (Using the Type-A from 2nd PB going to 1st PB Type-C), those LED lights from 2nd PB is blinking but the first one doesn’t. Not sure what it does mean though.

I am aware that my power banks won’t cover any warranty at all because I purchased these PB on eBay (not the Anker Store due to I live in remote US Islands). The first power bank that I’ve purchased is brand new and the second one is used and I bought it like half price but to get two consecutive PB that has same faulty Type-C port is really not good at all.

I wish that we can exchange these power banks to new ones, I don’t mind paying few extra bucks as I know that my power banks don’t have any warranty, I just don’t want to throw or dispose these power banks because they are harmful waste. At least, if we can exchange or return it to the Anker, they can repair or recycle these faulty power banks.

Still, Anker have great products, my PowerPort PD+ and Anker cable serves really well. But I will never get these PowerCore anymore even the small one. I live in remote US islands and direct store won’t ship here anyway.

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thankyou for you opinion

When you went to charge them did you make sure all lights were off first? Otherwise your powerbank will try to send a charge and not receive it, hence why it may not charge. All lights have to be off before plugging in the charge cable

Yes, I did that too before. Still it doesn’t work. I even try to do plug-in order to make sure my power bank will going to receive the charge but no luck.

Interesting. I own two of these battery banks, and they get used pretty frequently by multiple people. They both have over 200 charge cycles each, and are still going strong. Maybe contact Anker and see if you can get them repaired. I would definitely call this unusual.

Do have a similar issue. I plut it in and it goes from 1 light to 2, without any problem. After, nothing happens. The 2nd light keeps blinking and no more charge is happening.

Any advice?

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What is the output rating of the charger you are using? And how long did you leave it to charge?

I just purchased a Switch and the power bank, and this also is happening for me. Both brand new, and I immediately plugged it into the Switch AC adapter and left it for a day, but it is still on 2 lights.