Anker PowerCore+ 20100 lights and charging?

Hey got this for Christmas, and I have now completely discharged it (I think), but I have one blinking white light on the button and its not outputing any charge via the USB (I think). But I also seem to be having an issue charging from USB C on this unit. Is there a trick to it that I missed? I thought it output on the USB C as well as recharged itself from that port?

I don’t own it but I seen the userguide type info on reviews. USB-C is capable of output or input charge and that powercore has 1 USB-C so it has 2 modes, powercore being charged (input) and powercore giving out charge (output). My understanding is for it to be recharged you must plug in to its USB-C port from a suitably powerport output source (say the charger for your USB-C device), but for it to OUTPUT USB-C (to recharge say a laptop) you must 1st press the power button then plug it in quickly before light goes out.

If say you pressed the power button then plugged it into something like a laptop, it would drain itself. If you wanted to recharge it, then wait a while (don’t know the time, til light goes out) and then plug into something giving out power, then it will begin charging.

Link to the manual

I’ve looked at that manual the subtle of point of pressing the power button 1st to make it output, or let lights go out and then plug to recharge it, is not showing in the manual.

Ok guess I just am not totally getting the light readings. So lights on it outputs light off it will charge via USB C? I wish they would have done a color code in the lights

I don’t own it, but from what I saw online, ensure the lights out then plug into USB-C Powerport charger to recharge the Powercore.

Still having issues with this charger and yes I am using a Anker charger to recharge it. The light is off and I am using the USB C to USB C to recharge it but its not charging and yes I am using Anker supplied cables. Is there a trick to this I am just missing? I have read the instructions and followed them its just not recharging. Could it be a faulty brick. I don’t have a USB C phone since my Note 7 went back but I do plan on getting one which is why I went with this Battery.

There seems a fault somewhere so you should eliminate, because then that evidence will get your ticket resolved faster. Can you use another USB mains charger to determine if your charger is at fault or the battery at fault. Do you have another cable to test if its the cable? Do you have another battery to test?

If a different charger works, then its the charger’s fault, if different cable works, then cable fault, if different battery works its the battery fault.

So you know that you need to have it power off to be recharging.

Most common failure is the cable because it bends flexs and tears and builds up resistance, then the next most common cause is battery failure due to it being chemicals and a fair bit of clever electronics. The last likely to fail is the mains charger as its got the least cleverness inside.

Ok I will buy another cable. The light needs to be off to charge. I understand how do I make sure its off otherwise?