Anker PowerCore 20100 - 20000mAh 4.8a

Grab a super bargain on this Powercore.
Reduced by £11 bringing this down to £23.99.


Isn’t it a bit weird that it’s the powercore 20100 but it’s only 20,000mah?

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That’s a deal :+1:
@TechMan Yeah they are cheating 100mAh

I’m not sure why this one breaks the mould. :thinking:
On the other PowerBanks I’ve seen the Model number is the rating, PowerBank 10000 is a 10000mAh for example.

Amazon descriptions on Anker products are notoriously sketch. Item names and/or descriptions rarely match up perfectly with the names on the Anker website. Anyhow, the PowerCore 20100 is indeed 20100 mAh regardless of what the product title says.

Likewise, this PowerCore II 20000 is only 20000 mAh even though the description says otherwise:

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You would think Amazon uses the description Anker supplies would you?

They probably do. Anker probably messed it up (they tend to mess this stuff up).

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