Anker PowerCore 20000 - $11 at Walmart (77% OFF)

This is a great deal if you can find one. Use this site to check your local inventory before heading to the store to get one. :smile:

Good luck!


Looks like the Soundcore Spirit Pros are also onsite for $9!

and the eufyCam system is discounted to $329 from $499.

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Good deals, I wanna grab all the powerbank and gift them, but I dunno if I can make it to the store until this weekend. And usually ugh these deals dont last long. Of all the stores near be there is one with 6+ in stock and all the others have 2-3

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I know. I’m also tempted to buy a bunch as gifts.

I guess I know where I’m going after work :slight_smile:

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I have to get stuff at walmart tonight. I will have to stop and check it out. Those are some great deals. I got one of Anker’s big Powercore last year on a clearance deal.

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If I didn’t already have the 20100, I’d be tempted to drive the 18 miles to the nearest WalMart that has it in stock. Now if the one that’s 2 miles from had it, I’d have already gone.

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cooolest deal!

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Very nice deal. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! That’s a great deal!!!

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That’s a crazy deal.
Much better than anything I’ve seen in the UK.

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Oh yeah! It’s an awesome deal. Let me know if any of you get one. I always check on that brickseek site to make sure the price is discounted before checking out/going to the store. So far it’s been spot on with inventory and prices.

BrickSeek showed the PowerCore discounted at my Walmart, but of course it wasn’t when I went :sob:

Thanks for posting this! I’d like to buy this for myself. I’m going to a few Walmarts tomorrow to try to get it

Did you bring it to the register to check? Sometimes things are clearance and they dont mark it down.

No I didn’t. The Walmart I went to was super busy and they had their Anker stuff locked up so I couldn’t check the price myself.

Download the Walmart app on your phone and just scan the barcode yourself. Generally there is enough room for you to swivel the package so you can scan the barcode. And with the app it tells you the store price

Wow, this is crazy deal @TheCharneco great find!!

I never trust the BrickSeek, on more than 5 occasions these showed the price, but the actual walmart store / online showed different or actual price.

its a steal if you happen to get it at that price :+1:

Walmart doesn’t update their prices as often as they should. There have been many times where I use the app to scan stuff and get it cheaper than what its listed for