Anker PowerCore 20,000 mAh Portable Charger gets warm and nothing is plugged in

So I bought an Anker PowerCore 20,000 three days ago, to upgrade from my smaller Anker portable charger, and after charging it, it stays warm. Even now as I type this its still kinda warm and I think its discharging but nothing is even plugged into it. Could someone let me know if I have a defective unit because my small lipstick size Anker portable charger stays nice and cool when not in use, but the 20000 stays warm. Thanks!

Something seems to be off there, usually they would discharge a very minute amount at most, but there shouldn’t be any real heat involved. If its warm you sound to have an issue.

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If it’s warm when it’s not in use or after say 10-20 minutes of being charged it sounds like a defective unit. I would advise you drop an email with your issue, including serial and purchase date so they can assist. I would also suggest you refrain from using until you have some contact back (allow a couple of days as support do not often answer over the weekend) as we’ve seen from Samsung in the news, batteries can be volatile when or if there is a fault…


That doesn’t sound right, sounds like a defective unit. Definitely contact like @ndalby suggested.

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If it’s hot from just being g charged it could take a bit to cool down, but it should never be so hot you cant handle it. Generally if it sits charging longer than it takes the battery to fully charge can cause it to be warm, same goes for fast charging a batterypack…similar to phones, they get warm when fast charged

It should get a little warm when charging but it should cool quickly once its charged. I have a 20100 its a little warm when charging but cools off in a few minutes after the charge is complete. I’d contact @AnkerSupport and let them know.

Thanks for the information and will contact Anker. It does stay slightly warm after awhile and continues through out the day. In fact, the next day I checked the charged having not used it, and it was down to 50% (two lights).

Thank you! I love Anker and hope to get this problem resolved.