Anker PowerCore 15000 Redux

I’m about to buy the new IPad Pro 2020, so I want to get rid of the Anker PowerCore 15000 Redux, it has 2 USB - A outputs. Purchased on August 2019, still working fine. I just don’t want it to keep it around my place or only use to charge my iPhone. I asked the people around me, but none of them want it. Contact if you want it or have any suggestions for recycling.

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Hi @Thao_Pham1, welcome to the Anker Community!

Do you need help selecting a new portable charger for your iPad Pro?

I have gifted away plenty of Powercore. I suggest you find your new Powercore, use it in public, when people ask what/why, gift them your old one.

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You can try nextdoor, I’ve seen people give away stuff all the time. Plus you get extra points for being neighborly :slight_smile: