Anker Powercore 13000C

It does use USB-C for charging, can i use my macbook pro’s USB-C charger to charge it? supposingly it would be a lot faster? i think the charger is 87W.

It looks like the maximum input on the PowerCore 13000 with USB-C is 5V / 2A. So, assuming the MacBook’s charger can output 5V, it would not charge any faster than using a regular 2 amp charger (such as one of Anker’s wall chargers).


Hi @phpsql , you should be able to use your Macbook Pro charger with a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging the PowerCore 13000. You are still limited to 2A charging input, so speed would not be faster than using the included USB lead and a 24W PowerPort, regardless of the 87w from your Macbook charger.

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