Anker PowerCore 13000 - Going on strong 4 years later

I purchased my Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger in August 2016. I was an undergraduate college student, and it was an absolute life saver for me during excursions, road trips, parties, vacations, long library study sessions, and so much more. All my friends appreciated it to, as it always had enough power to pack a punch for everyone. It held up to the iPhones of 2016, and it holds up to the newer iPhones of today, even allowing for multiple charges of my iPhone XS. It still remains as effective at charging as ever, still holding its charge for its advertised amount of time.

I’ve since graduated from college and even now I find myself using this throughout my life, especially when I’m going out or visiting other cities. In fact, I’ve brought this charger to over 3 states along with 3 different countries. Thanks to its carrying case, it has kept up its clean matte black appearance over the years. The lightweight compact size has been perfect for backpacks and smaller bags as well.

Absolutely amazing and hands down one of my all-time favorite purchases and Anker products, EVER!


Glad you enjoyed and got benefit from it @tinakhal :+1:t2: