Anker PowerCore 10000 PD

Hello stupid question here! I have just bought the Anker Power Core Slim 10000 PD A1244 to use with my iphone 12 - the PowerCore does not appear to be charging itself from my Apple PD charger, do I need to buy a specific separate Anker wall charger?? The PowerCore came with a USB-A to USB-C cable and USB-C to USB-C cable but not with a charger.
thank you!

I own a PowerCore 20000 PD.
I charge it with my normal ANKER Powerport (6 port 60W)
USB-A (charger) -> USB-C (pb) no problem, but its slow.
It could be more efficient using another charger.

You need a minimum of 18W Power Delivery or IQ3 port. It then charges in about 4.5 hours.

As stated on the sales literature

If you use anything less then the charging time increases to around 10 hours.

Don’t look at Wattage, it’s meaningless without it being either PD or IQ3.


Nano 18W

Or one with 4 ports which do multiple items

What charger you actually buy is a function of what other charging needs, e.g. a modern laptop may suit getting a 45W PD instead.

Most people get both, a many port charger for bedroom / desk and one single port for bag to carry.

The supplied cable USBC both ends is what you use, it’s a basic good enough cable most find perfectly acceptable but you can get shorter for pockets or longer for sockets farther away.

What’s the output in the apple pd charger?