Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux

Hi guys, I brought Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux Nov 11, 2020. for 27.99$.
now its price is 49.99$, why price increased so much? I want to buy another anker power bank which will have USB-A and USB-C is there any anker power banks with them?

All prices for Lithium and other Metals and components are increasing.
Same is with inflation over the world.
You should wait till there is a special offer.

I do search and Can’t find Anker power bank which Can charge other device with USB-A and USB-C both together. Is there a any?

The specialists will show up later.
Be a little patient.:grinning:

Maybe it was on sale, who knows

All, or nearly all, the Powercore with USB C can concurrently output USB A also.

I’m not aware of any which don’t.

The original 10000 PD , before the Redux came out, did 18W + 10W so 28W concurrently. Subsequently the models following did either 18W or 10W or 15W concurrently. Only then did higher cost products do more.

For me the emergence of the UK Nano wall charger meant I then could get by not carrying a USB A port charger as I could keep the Powercore charged via USB C and then the Powercore USB A port would charge my non-USBC devices like my Slim buds.

What happens (as I used a USB meter) is the 18W 9V port drops to 5V when the USB A port is also used.

cant find 10000 PD on only redux.

The original 10000 PD I agree is hard to find, I think it was superseded by the 10000 PD Redux which is slightly technically inferior as it lowered the combined port Watts.

The link below doesn’t seem to work when I open it but just a search for Anker 10000

After the 21700 products they moved to Lithium poly so less round and flatter and these usually are the better value now. Prices fluctuate so patience.

These are common choices

These output both USB A and USB C concurrently where these give USB C 18W or 20W, or USB A 10W, or concurrently 18W.

In my opinion the 20W version is only worth a couple of $ more so decide which to get based on the prices at the time.

On value , if you’re not carrying in clothing pockets, these stand out as heavier but not much larger and are more capacity and better able to be useful for tablets.

And only go for the 20W over the 18W if it’s a little more cost as in truth 18W Vs 20W performance isn’t significant.

If you’re not carrying in pocket, and if you’re trying to get the best value I’d go for the 18W 20000 PD when it’s next discounted.

While it is a shame the original 10000 PD appears discontinued, the very similar 10000 PD Redux and the more pocketable 10000 PD Slim and the good value 20000 PD are worthy of consideration.

You’re not wrong but there’s a huge asterisk to it, you can* have both the USB A or C or multiple ports output at same time but the power allocated to each ports are usually decreased. Sometimes the decrease is great enough to no longer sustain “high speed charging” or charging at all for some picky devices. This applies to chargers as well not just power banks.

I’m not frustrated by it because I had the money to upgrade to a high end product as soon as I noticed this issue. Not sure if others will just whine instead.

I’m looking to replace my PowerCore II 10000 Slim with powerIQ which just stopped charging after 2 years – so out of warranty. Very disappointing because it was a real workhorse. I paid $26 US and they’re now up to $40 US.

Any thoughts on what price point I should be looking for? The pricing for the 10000 models varies a lot on Amazon (US) - see below.

There’s also this deal but I don’t trust 3rd party sellers having received non-Anker merchandise in the past:
$29.99 for PowerCore Slim bundled with wall charger

Agree that the withdrawal of the 10000 PD 10+18W 28W is a disappointment. I have a 10000 PD.

I know why it was withdrawn was because to maintain two different voltages 9V and 5V is less efficient, so more heat, than one voltage.

To get more Watts you must go up considerably in cost.

As for any venting on price. Tough. Market forces, supply demand, your only choice is to buy or not buy. Saying a price is too high won’t lower the price.

All my Powercore are years old and if one fails I have a 10000 PD, two 10000 PD Slim, two 20000 PD and a 26800, so if prices high I’ll simply wait.

When the pandemic kicked off I knew it would disruptive to supply chains so I thought about everything I’d need for a couple of years and bought then.

Any tips on how to distinguish between the similar models on offer? As far as I can tell neither nor Amazon provide model numbers.

Of the 4 which tend to be best value

18W 10000 PD Slim

If you scroll down the product code is there A1231

20W 10000 PD Slim

Product code A1244

18W 20000 PD


20W 20000 PD


Thanks, @professor. Very helpful!

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I looked at my orders

I thought that was a good price and bought. Today it’s £43. Yikes. Obviously not so good value but I knew pandemic increases prices as it disruptive of supply and changes demand.

Not sure if others will just whine instead.

If you’re on this board you’re probably willing to pay a premium for quality. It’s just a matter of gauging what’s a competitive price given the market circumstances.

Just for fun … Here are my past power bank orders with prices. Note that many were purchased with discount coupons and none have USB C ports.