Anker PowerCore 10000 PD+ : how do I charge it?

I have two questions that are not mentioned in the hard copy user guide, nor in the product literature available on Anker’s website.

  1. How do I connect my wall charger to the PowerCore 10000 PD+? There is no port labeled “Input,” unlike my other Anker product. This one has two ports: one labeled PD (USB-C), and one labeled Power IQ (USB-A). I cannot believe Anker doesn’t explain such a basic feature in its literature.
  2. The cable provided in the box is USB-C to USB-C. I don’t happen to have a wall charger with a USB-C output port. Do I have to buy a new wall charger? Or a cable which is USB-C to USB-A?

This is frustrating at best. Anker needs to hire some customer-friendly communications people.
This is frustrating at best

Why doesn’t Anker explain these things? They shouldn’t force me to go to a forum to get answers to basic product features like this. Not user friendly. Frustrated.


If you have a cable that is a regular usb to usb-c you can charge it that way. This model only comes with a usb -c to usb-c expecting you to already have that charger adapter.

If you don’t a usb-c adapter wouldn’t hurt to get one since most things are headed that way.

Thanks for the quick response. Lv2.

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Were instructions not included in the box?

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The instructions in the box did not mention anything at all about how to charge the product. That could be solved by adding a sentence such as: “To charge your PowerCore, use the enclosed cable to connect the PD port to a USB-C wall charger (sold separately).”

It says that on amazon.


Ah, good catch. But a customer shouldn’t have to search Amazon’s site for basic instructions on how to use the product. Anker should have explained this in the user guide. Poor customer communications.


Thank you for the answer I too was searching for. I just purchased the Anker10000 today. Totally agree - this was a very simple and customer need that was totally disregarded. Makes me think twice about keeping it. Not very customer considerate!!