Anker PowerConference Charging Concern

I recently purchased this product through Amazon. It seems to work fine, and came with a charge already. I used it in a meeting for a few hours without incident.

My question is I am concerned that it isn’t “re-charging”. When I plug it into a power source with the provided chord…the indicator light comes on red and holds for about 5 seconds and then goes out.

The documentation says that that the indicator light says that when it is “Steady white” it is “Fully charged”. Not sure if what I am seeing is expected or not. Like the product is fully charged and the indicator light goes off because it is no longer charging. I am able to turn it on…and the indicator light is white. I have connected it to my phone and it appears like the charge indicator there is full. Just not sure if the indicator light going dark after a few seconds is a sign that it is not charging.

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Try a different cable.

Try a different charger.

Hey @Charles25
I had this problem too. I felt while there wasn’t a red light the battery was still charging - the app shows the charging status.
However, after a software upgrade it resumed normal behaviour.
So if you haven’t already, jump on the Soundcore app and check if there are any updates available.
Hopefully that will solve your situation.