Anker PowerConf - WISH LIST, comparison and first use

Hello all!

I would like to share my thoughts on the PowerConf based on my first days of use, side by side with a Logitech P710e (more or less similarly priced).

I would also like to compliment AND feed the tech team with a wish list to make the PowerConf truely live up to its expectations.
I hope that future firmware updates will be able to add these features!

Wish list for improvements

  • MORE brightness in microphone sound: it seems that the noise reduction cuts off most of the high frequencies, leaving a muffled voice pickup

  • Direct-sound mode: Add ability to fully cancel the noise reduction through the app by adding a 3rd sound mode: “single person” and “Multi-person” modes, followed by a new “direct-sound mode”

  • Less lag between video and audio (lip-sync) in bluetooth mode

  • Optimize Multi device connectivity: Allow for playing music via BT while device is connected to USB

  • Add option for soft clicking sounds to button touch

  • Connectivity with Webex/Zoom/MS Teams for MUTE button function

If the above can all be solved (and seems relatively easy to do with firmware), the Anker PowerConf is a KILLER conference speaker that can perform with so many established brands in a higher league!!!

Side by side comparison with Logitech P710e

Both are in a similar price range, so I’ve used both side by side for some time now.

Logitech P10e Pro’s and cons:


  • great clarity in microphone sound, on par with USD 200 devices

  • Almost no difference in microphone quality via USB or BT

  • Multi-device connectivity: Leave it USB connected for Videoconferences, and in between have phone connected via BT for your regular phone calls.

  • nice to have features: USB cable storage; integrated phone stand (does not charge phone though)


  • Speaker sound quality is average: relatively clear, but crackling
  • Speaker volume is limited
  • Some interference in BT microphone mode

Anker PowerConf


  • Speaker sound is well balanced for its task: Excellent for calls, OK for music.

  • Sufficient volume

  • Battery life

  • App options and firmware updates make it a future proof product


  • Microphone sound quality is mediocre: not sure if it is the quality of the microphones, or the noise reduction software that causes a muffled sound: people on other side of the line still have trouble hearing me some times…

  • No BT auto-connect (small point though)

  • Delay in BT sound and mic: lips of the other participants are not fully in sync with sound.

Conclusion - PowerConf: close but no cigar
The Anker is a very promising device, but since in the end it is intended as a conferencing device, microphone quality and multi-device connectivity shoud definitely be improved to make it a truely great device.
Although The device is close to being a GAMECHANGER in this product niche it still underperforms in the areas it SHOULD (and could?) EXCELL.

The Logitech p710e is a 7 year old design, yet is focused on the one thing that it should do well: Help conferencing make pleasant by: 1. making sure that voices are clear on microphone AND speaker; 2. allow seamless connection of several devices.
Not great for music playback, not a great form factor…

In this price range, if your focus is on speech and conferencing, the Logitech p710e is still a better choice compared to the current Anker PowerConf, (firmware version v26.48) in my personal opinion.

But the promise is certainly there!

For microphone comparisons, check this video:


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And thank you for this very detailed review!! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

That’s a great detailed review!! Maybe you could add a couple photos of those 2 products in action

Well thought-out thread

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Implicit in the slow to discount pricing is this product must be popular. Guess working from home caused some winners.

17% discount after out for a few months is rare.

It was announced in January, pre-Covid19, but it is a good answer to spending hours at home working and so in hindsight is likely a profitable product for Anker.

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Indeed, I’m very likely to have the direct-sound mode too… Since we able to get ourself a quiet place for the meeting, without the voice filter shall make the sound more natural :slight_smile: