Anker PowerConf - Version 26.47

Hello everyone!

I just bought a PowerConf and used it for the last two days. The basic impression of the hardware is very good - I really want to love the device.
However, a few points do cloud my overall impression. I suspect that there are still some bugs in the firmware and I would like to discuss whether others are aware of the problems.

First of all, once there are two types of connection which are fundamentally different: Bluetooth and USB.
As a Bluetooth device on Windows 10 a media playback device is shown as output as well as a Hands-Free device. You can set up the output volumes differently and the Hands-Free device has a louder overall setting (good for voice). While connected via USB there is only one playback device with one volume setting (media). At full volume, it may be too quiet for a phone call here.
While connected via USB no incoming calls where anounced and you cannot accept the call via device-button (tested with e.g. Skype). While using Bluetooth this works well.
Wouldn’t it be logical if both connection methods won’t differ?

The next thing that bothers me:
You can connect the device both (Bluetooth and USB) to one or two separate devices but this results in ignoring the bluetooth device. Any audio playback from the bluetooth device is mute and you cannot use the mic. I had connected the PowerConf via Bluetooth to my PC and then later plugged it in via USB. This led to mute conversations and troubleshooting. If the device doesn’t allow for multiple connections (which I would really appreciate) then the logical consequence would be that the Bluetooth connection would be disconnected when plugged in.

As already mentioned in another post:
The mute button mutes the mic (and shows red LED-buttons). But the software shows up as unmuted (Skype/Zoom/Teams/Jitsi/Android Phone). The information is not being synced. You have to check both settings to prove weather you’re beeing heared. This is really annoying and even my cheap headset performs better in this!

It’s really nice to see the software making progress, and I really appreciate the changes in the latest firmware. I would be really happy if these points are also solved and I can use the device with pleasure. But at the moment I’m inclined to pack it up again and replace it with a device from another company.

Can I hope for a quick further development?

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@Marco26 Thanks for the details

Some users have mentioned of this earlier, including myself.

I have experienced this happen .Powerconf should route First Active Audio Stream from connected device, weather it is PC or Mobile. If Bluetooth cannot route audio while PC is connected, Powerconf should not allow Bluetooth connection when connected to PC. Provided the feedback to Anker Support. This is going to come with some kind of MultiPoint enhancement, hopefully.

The main issue is the Multi-point functionality, we have it discussed in this thread here

Anker may plan to add it sometime in future release

On Anker PowerConf - the buttons on the PowerConf do not support sync with third party conference apps such as Zoom, Webex, this is true for any any firmware which is currently released, including the latest firmware. Anker is planning to add this sync, so it may / may not happen immediately.

You may also write to Anker Support , which may provide more details to you.

Dear Valued Customer,

I am sorry to know the PoweConf does not completely meet your expectations.

Please be noted we’ve just released a new firmware V26.48 which allows PowerConf connect other devices via Bluetooth and USB cable simultaneously. Please process the OTA update to give it a try.

The functionality of the buttons on the PowerConf indeed does not support synch with third-party conference apps. Our team is working hard on this issue. Hope you can understand.

As to the first issue you mentioned, normally, the sound quality of PowerConf while connecting a device via USB cable would be better than connecting via Bluetooth. To further investigate the issue, could you please contact at We value your user experience and would like to try our best to offer our further assistance.

Take care and wish you a good day!

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@AnkerSupport does it mean MultiPoint is now enabled?

I just updated my PowerConf and it seems to be supporting MultiPointfunctionality - able to route audio from PC as well as iPhone, one at a time though, but works.

Earlier the Audio from phone via BT was not available while PowerConf was connected to PC… great improvement… though need to see how this works out!

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@Shenoy and @AnkerSupport thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate your feedback.

I just tried the new Firmware, great to see the fast improvements on this topics.
According to my tests now it is possible to connect both (USB and Bluetooth) and Phone Audio (Handsfree) will be accepted from both devices. My Setup is using the PC (USB) and Smartphone (Bluetooth). While Playing audio on the PC an incoming call on the Smartphone will be displayed an can be accepted. Doing so will disable the USB Audio device (it gets disconnected) and you can hear and speak to the caller. After hanging up the USB Audio gets automatically reconnected.
This is a great improvement!

Please note that it is still not possible to connect with multiple Bluetooth devices or use bluetooth media playback while the devices is connected via USB - but that’s unusual anyway.

Regarding the connection via USB I will do some more tests during the day and test the communication. Thanks for the suggestion.

I really hope that the connection to the third-party conference apps will succeed and keep my fingers crossed for it. That would be great and would finish off the impression that the system is already making.

I am happy to contribute my experience as a “power conference user” (if desired). Am I right in assuming that I should write the support directly instead of posting my findings here? Or does both make sense at the same time?

@Marco26 please continue to test and mention your findings here on the Anker community as well as reach out to Anker Support as necessary.

These details are valuable information and helps other members looking for help!

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@Shenoy – Thanks for the reply, I will do so.

Some of my findings while using the USB-Connection:

As already mentioned the volume may be too low at low signal-levels such as a phone calls, even at 100%. While playing back Media the volume is more than sufficient. I found it helpful to activate the “Loudness Equalization” in the Windows Audio Settings (System settings -> Sound ->Anker Power Conf Properties -> Enhancements -> Loudness Equalization). This raises the lower volume levels and results in an better overall experience.
However, this is more a problem of the programs used and their audio output (and volume levels) than a problem of the PowerConf.

Sometimes the volume control gets out of sync between the Volume displayed at the device (and the audio output) and the windows device information. For example the media audio is verly loud even if the windows volume control is set to 1 of 100. Switching both to 0 and back up fixes this.
I did not notice this behaviour during a Bluetooth connection.
Has anyone else noticed this, can anyone confirm it?

@AnkerSupport keep up the great work. I really like using the PowerConf. The reproduction of voices is clear and pleasant, so far my conversation partners have always understood me well. The noise cancelling (DSP) seems to be quite aggressive, if I could choose an additional feature it would be to be able to adjust this behaviour in the app (e.g. by selecting “quiet environment” / “busy environment”).

@AnkerSupport are you any closer to getting a resolution on control sync with 3rd party apps?. @Marco26 and raised this back in May, and 5 months on no change.

I have just purchased this speaker on prime day, after my Jabra 510 developed an intermittent static sound.

The built quality seems great, but functionality not so good.

It’s disappointing you advertise it’s compatibility with the likes of Skype, but in reality it’s can’t control the app. Currently I can’t accept or correctly end calls. I also can’t place people on hold. Mute works but doesn’t notify Skype your muted.

I also find Skype tells me I have bad sound quality on my line when in use. This is normally when there is some background noise which it fails to surpres.

As much as I like the design and price if these basic requirements aren’t able to be addressed I’m afraid it will have to go back and I will have to cough up the price of a jabra 710.