Anker Powerconf S500 is here!

Anker Powerconf S500 is here!!



No more conferences.
Some I have with friends in the “Biergarten”.
But no such “tools” are needed there.
You younger ones may use.

Great announcement Shenoy! :grinning:

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Like the look of that.
Reminds me of a Bose device.

Hope you’re keeping well @Shenoy

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Looks high end :+1:

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It looks pretty good. With Covid my work has not been having as much group meeting as before.

Wonder how that may affect how these sell.

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I’d expect a push to work in office to cause a glut of these work from home products so a price crash.

So what goes up comes down and what went down goes up.

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looks pretty cool although I really have to wonder how the sell’s going to be with people going back in person.

I think in the short term it may be ok. If people coming back may get their office to try them out.

While the start of a pandemic is difficult to predict accurately, what happens once started is extremely predictable.

It’s like predicting how a field of sheep will move is nearly impossible until you stick a wolf in one corner then every sheep becomes highly predictable.

What will happen is in phases. Some of those who made the shift to WFH like it and will keep at it, but over time this hurts one’s career as in business you buy from those you trust and face to face always builds trust faster.

So the WFH will reduce now and be back to 80% normal in 2 years. All the home technology bought recently (at inflated prices) will then become surplus and the prices will dramatically fall as demand disappears.

So I’d recommend getting by with what you own now and wait til next year, if you can, I’d expect to see 50% discount to show next year.

Really nice but the price is a little much for me especially with some things moving back to in person

Looks like it’s US only release so far. Any idea when it will be available on UK sites ?

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Nobody knows.
Its always a question of marketing and number of potential customers.

Looking forward to a full time official here to answer such questions, currently it’s just


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The skeptic in me thinks it will likely go the same way as previously when department re-jigs come into play…more jobs for the same or less people…