Anker PowerConf S3 - continuous flashing green light

Hoping someone can help. Just purchased an Anker PowerConf S3 for use in Zoom calls. I connected to iPad through Bluetooth and can play music through the PowerConf with no problem. However, when a Zoom call is started, the light on top of unit flashes Green to signify an incoming call. According to the (limited) manual, you press the ‘phone’ symbol to accept the call (and press and hold to reject the call). However, a single press on the phone symbol will terminate the Zoom call. Essentially, the PowerConf automatically connects to the Zoom call without any need to accept the call. The result is that the light on the unit continuously flashes Green throughout the whole call. Any attempt to ‘accept’ the call will result in the call being terminated. Pressing the volume symbols will change the colour of the light to Blue, but only briefly before it goes back to flashing Green. Similarly, pressing Mute will change the colour to Red, but on unmuting it will go back to flashing Green.
So I am a bit stuck, How do I get the light to stop flashing during a call? I’ve downloaded the app and updated the firmware, but that had no effect.
Be great to get some solutions to this problem. Anyone else had anything similar? Could it be a faulty unit?

The guru on Powerconf may know @Shenoy

I think Powerconf may fall under Soundcore brand, so also post here

Not sure which section, one of these two

It fall under the Anker brand but the admins tend to show it on soundcore as well a lot I do agree that @Shenoy is one that I know that has it.

As an early adopter of powerconf using the unit for daily zoom calls on my iPad I reported similar issue with support last summer. Was originally tracked to faulty unit which was replaced…then elusive firmware…which never resolved. Eventually was told by support that it’s something I would have to live with. Bit frustrating for what is overall a very good product. Hopefully something that might get resolved in future design.

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@Jamie38 I have the original PowerConf (not S3), and tested zoom calls with iPad, couldn’t replicate what was mentioned. The circular / rectangular light flashes green only twice and then goes off once I join the call. You can also try to have the Indicator Light “off” from the Soundcore App for PowerConf.

Having said this, there is a latest firmware update which was pushed this morning (or at least I saw it this morning - version 34.67, which listed 2 fixes - Zoom issues and mute button sync via USB)

I have verified the mute button now syncs with Zoom as well as MS Teams client.

So give it a try to see if there is an update on Firmware and update.


Thought it would be useful to flag that in the last week I’ve updated my iPad IOS version to iOS 12.5.2 and Zoom 5.6.0 (144). One of these has resolved the flashing green light issue noting I am still on Soundcore firmware 34.67. Hopefully this gives other folks confidence that the issue can be resolved.