Anker PowerConf REVIEW

Hey All :wave:t2:

I was lucky enough to get the chance to test this PowerConf conference unit in an Anker Testing Club event.

Thanks again @ankerofficial :+1:t2:

Anker has a great community forum with regular reliable contributors who will lend a helping hand if you have any “real world” questions on products. It’s full of user reviews, product and new release information, product testing opportunities and a section to trade virtual “bucks” earned by forum participation for entries into the Power Draw giving you a chance to win some great prizes. Check it out here;

Onto the conference unit…

Nice packaging with pictures and information on the box.

Opening the magnetic lid shows the protective case with the unit inside that.

First Impressions
Case is nice, is semi rigid and looks hardwearing.
Conference unit looks good and has a nice weight to it.
Touch sensitive buttons on top for volume, mute, call and play.
Buttons on the front edge are on/off and Bluetooth pairing.
There is a nice rubberised base to stop it slipping on a shiny boardroom table.

Setting Up
Connecting to laptop and mobile was as easy as you would expect.
The unit turns on in Bluetooth pairing mode.

People at the other end heard quite clearly when I was around 2mtrs away from the unit.
I like the way the blue lights on-top shows which voice it’s focusing on.

Good, very good in fact. Our boardroom is around 4mtr wide and 8-10mtr long. Voice could be heard clearly even though the unit was nearer one end of the room.

Voice was perfect, music not so much. It’s fine to make do, perhaps if you don’t want the extra baggage of carrying a speaker, but you wouldn’t use it for general music listening.
But hey this was designed as a conference unit, not a music speaker.

Background Noise
The unit does a good job of filtering out background noise.
People at the other end didn’t pick up on the rustling of papers I did as a test - 1mtr away from the unit.

Who Would Use This
I went into this thinking business applications only,
But there’s also fun to be had using this for regular calls at home keeping your hands free to do other things and getting the kids to call family and friends.
Hands free on mobile phones is much better than it used to be, but this is a different league.
So meetings, site engineers, families and anyone that would make a call on a mobile using hands free.

Comes with good carry case.
Light and easy to pack in laptop bag.
Use as a Bluetooth speaker - saves packing an extra speaker.
Use as a PowerCore to charge another device.
Looks good on your desk.

None really, more of a wish-list.
Remote control for volume and mute would have been a nice touch.
SD card slot to record calls would be a big bonus allowing emailing of recordings or to refer back too and type up notes after a call.

In Summary
This is a great first effort into conference units.
In reality, Anker were already doing this, but this is a focused product that works well.
Not much can be improved for me other than what I’ve already listed in Cons.

Never really had much wind to test it out in.
But in a brief call outside the person at the other end didn’t report much ambient sound when I asked them.
I’ll work on this for you as I also need to record a suitable call for call quality purposes.

p.s. I will update this as soon as I can with an audio clip from a live call.

Check out what Anker has to say here,


Lucky you :disappointed:

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Gotta be in it to win it.
Oh, and also live in the right location. The testing events aren’t always open to all countries.

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Great review coming from a well known community member!
I liked the pictures showing off the LED lights

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Cheers @ikari04warrior
I took those tonight, thought the review was missing a little colour :+1:t2:

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Good decision mate

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Good review! Thanks for sharing :+1:

Some points / questions I would have loved to see included, or may be you could answer :innocent: -

  1. Pictures / Details on interfacing over USB Cable to Windows Laptop

  2. Does PowerConf BT pair to Windows Laptop?

  3. Does PowerConf, BT pair to 2 devices at the same time – Multi-Point feature, example to Windows Laptop and Smartphone?

  4. Does it show-up as Headphones & Headset on Windows Laptop when connected over BT as well as over USB cable.

  5. What happens While PowerConf is connected over Cable to Windows laptop as well as BT paired to Smartphone, and a call comes in Windows Laptop & Smartphone AT THE SAME TIME, how does PowerConf handle it? What takes precedence?

Have many more /// but this is all questions I will ask here :innocent:

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Great Paul.
I am sure that there are some questions left.
@Shenoy started to ask for.
Its good to see someone who knows what he is doing got his hands on that item.


Hey @Shenoy
Currently I can confirm point 2 as yes.
Point 4 yes over BT, haven’t tried it hardwired.
I’ll take a look at the rest of your questions tomorrow night :+1:t2:

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Thanks Franz :+1:t2:

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Any further questions or anything anyone wants me to try then please ask.

Thanks mate! Have a good night

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Great review @paulstevenewing nice pictures and writeup :ok_hand:

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Awesome review and great photos! :clap:

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Thanks @Ice1 @Daiross much appreciated.

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Evening @Shenoy
Here you go mate, I think I’ve covered what you wanted.


No, when you try and connect with the second device that takes the connection.


This was not so easy to test.
Couldn’t get a call in simultaneously.

It will connect wired to laptop and Bluetooth to mobile. While listening to media wired on the laptop and a call was made from or received on the laptop the call would take over the playing media.
If I was playing media from my phone and a call was made on or received on the laptop the call would take over the playing media.

I’m guessing this is more to do with my laptop configuration rather than the PowerConf.

Hope that answers your questions.


Excellent review and photos @paulstevenewing :+1:

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Boom, thanks @ndalby
Appreciate that mate :+1:t2:

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thanks for covering those!

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