Anker PowerConf Model A3301

I have a question regarding the Anker PowerConf and fairly certain the model is A3301 but then I would need to find or order a new lighted magnifying glass due to the exceptionally tiny characters on the backside.

By comparison to similar products I’ve tried I can state that I’ve had only minor issues with this model and that includes scenarios of hopping back and forth between Android phone, laptop, and workstation.

I don’t consider having to disconnect and reconnect between devices as being a technical issues as others have described.

With that said, I am curious about the AnkerPowerBLE keyword that I keep seeing in the Bluetooth list and cannot find any reference to that name. This is merely out of the curiosity and I was thrown for a loop when Google Search did not return me the knowledge that I seek.

I was confused and daze for a moment but I have recovered.

On Windows 10 machines with BlueTooth capability there is always that ***BLE in the list of devices. My devices will not connect to it but it is there I assure you because I asked a friend to confirm and they tried and no luck for either of us.

Just curious if anyone knows what it is for so that I know I’m not missing out on anything or perhaps it is an Easter Egg that I managed to uncover.

I will continue to randomly click on it just to see what happens.

The only other possible interesting information is that option for BLE has the graphic to the left of the name that to me resembles a computer but perhaps it is used for some other devices that support the “Blue” where I only have my PC’s and my phones.

I endorse this question and I hope you enjoyed it.