Anker Powerconf - is there an APP?

Is there an APP for Mac or iPhone that can adjust the sound settings on the Powerconf? Form factor is great, but the sound is very “tinny”. I’d like to adjust bass/treble.

There is Soundcore App which connects to PowerConf over iOS / Android.

It has configuration fo PowerConf as well as setting for Single / Multi-Person and firmware upgrades, increase / reduce volume but nothing for Bass/ Treble.

Note that PowerConf is primarily intended for conference / voice calls and not for listening music.

For Bass / Treble, there are 3rd party apps, to adjust these, such as Boom on windows and many more.

More details here

I just downloaded the Soundcore app (IOS), and Powerconf is not an option that can be selected (I am In Australia). As a result I don’t know what version I am on. Am I missing something here? Is there software for Mac?

You need to scroll down to the bottom of speaker section and there you find “More” click on it, takes you to PowerConf options

Let us know if you find these options, best of luck!!

Thank you - user error :slight_smile:

Hi @peter_fontaine Glad you found it!

Enjoy your PowerConf, and let us know your feedback :blush::+1:

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